Travel advice

Since my last post, I’ve spent five days at work, one day at the hospital and one day doing Christmas shopping.  So I don’t actually have anywhere to write about.  I could go back and do an “archive post”, but it’s now got to the point where I don’t remember anything before I started this… Continue reading Travel advice


If you know anything about Kidlington, it might not strike you as the sort of place tourists take a trip to.  After all, it feels like just another suburb of Oxford—at the end of the number 2 bus, just as Blackbird Leys is on the numbers 1 and 5, Rose Hill on the 3, and… Continue reading Kidlington


This week I thought I’d do a post on my travel blog about somewhere you might actually be tempted to go to.  Wild, I know.  (Although I do genuinely recommend taking a random Tube journey; that was surprisingly fun.  But I digress.)  Abingdon (or Abingdon-on-Thames, in full) is not far away, you see: there are… Continue reading Abingdon


Dear Alex, I am a regular reader of your blog, “Escaping Oxford”. Each week, on Sunday, though disappointed by your irregular publishing time, I await your latest post eagerly. I then spend the rest of the week planning, so that the following Saturday I can repeat your voyage. By this, I hope to share in… Continue reading Oxford